New Exciting CfP: Special issue on Death

New exciting CfP! abstract submission deadline on 9th Nov!

Queer Death Studies Network

Dear all – it is our pleasure to draw your attention to a new exciting call for papers, which has been announced by the journal Research in Arts & Education.

Abstract submission deadline is soon: 9th November 2022.

In order to learn more, please CLICK HERE.


Death studies have been a discipline since the 1970s. Currently, death is a topical issue not least due to the war in Europe. Also, Covid-19 made the idea of death a little less remote in peoples’ ordinary life. But death does not concern only humans. The ongoing extinction prompts us to ponder if there are deaths we dismiss as not worth enough of our attention.

Death is an aesthetic, ethical, and ecological issue. Graveyards might be historically meaningful places as in Ulla Taipale’s environmental installation The Other Side in Barcelona 2018, but they take up space…

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