“(Bio)art & ecologies of non/living matters: A conversation between visual artist Emanuela Cusin and philosopher Marietta Radomska.” An event at the University of Birmingham

I’ll be speaking at this exciting event on 15th April!

The Posthumanities Hub

Join us for this fantastic even organised by the ERC project ‘Urban Terrorism in Europe (2004-19): Remembering, Imagining, and Anticipating Violence’.

Location: Online

Date: Thursday 15 April 2021, 14:00-16:15 GMT / 15:00-17:15 CET

Contact: e.m.l.geerts@bham.ac.uk


Official event website


During this research seminar, visual artist Emanuela Cusin (Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (UK)) and philosopher Dr Marietta Radomska (Research Fellow in Environmental Humanities, Linköping University (SE)) will present their artistic and philosophical engagements with the matter(s)—and materialisation—of (bio)art and ecologies of the non/living. They will do so against the backdrop of these more-than-human crisis times that are afflicted by political and pandemic violence, (counter)terrorist acts and events, and processes of mourning, trauma, and commemoration. Special attention will be paid to new materialist, posthumanist, and affect theoretical strands of thought and artistic practice that can help us better understand these complex times, while emphasising the importance of such novel…

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Call for short contributions (500-2000 words): What do we talk about when we talk about queer death? (Whatever Journal)

Check out this exciting CfP! DEADLINE: 15 January 2021!

Queer Death Studies Network

Whatever. A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies (https://whatever.cirque.unipi.it/) is inviting submissions for short contributions (500-2000 words) to be collected in a multi-authored article entitled “What do we talk about when we talk about queer death?”. The article will introduce the themed section Queer thanatologies (edited by A.C. Corradino, C. Dell’Aversano, R. Langhi and M. Petricola) that will appear in Whatever’s next issue in summer 2021.

Queer death studies has recently emerged as a transdisciplinary field of inquiry investigating the cultural performances related to death, dying, grief, and disposal from the perspective of queer theory, defined as a hermeneutical stance whose premises could be summed up as follows: «queer states that any construction of identity (including LGBT ones) is a performance constituting a subject which does not “exist” prior to it, and encourages to bring into being (both as objects of desire, of fantasy…

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Streaming STREAMS: now available online!

If you missed the Streaming STREAMS event – including The Posthumanities Hub’s trailer – that took place last week, you can watch it here (check out the original post!):

The Posthumanities Hub

STREAMS is an international conference for the Environmental Humanities (EH) that gathers researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines as well as artists, activists and practitioners. It takes place on 3-5 August 2021 in Stockholm.

Yet, as you may know from our previous post, already this year you could join a virtual event (ahead of the next year’s conference on location): Streaming STREAMS, which was held last week (5-7 Aug).

If you missed it, we strongly encourage you to check out the recordings of all the wonderful conversations and talks available on KTH Environmental Humanities Lab Youtube channel.

Last, but not least, The Posthumanities Hub also presented the trailer “The Posthumanities Hub, submerged at ART LAB GNESTA” (with contributors: Cecilia Åsberg, Janna Holmstedt, Signe Johannessen, Christina Fredengren and Marietta Radomska) for the next year’s stream Feminist Posthumanities – More-than-human Arts and…

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STREAMS online 5-7 August! The Posthumanities Hub will host a live session 6 August

Check out our session “The Posthumanities Hub, submerged at ART LAB GNESTA ” – Trailer for the stream Feminist Posthumanities – More-than-human Arts and Multispecies Futures on 6th Aug at 14:00 – 15:00! More on how to register and stream the session in the original post…

The Posthumanities Hub

Photo: Signe Johannessen

STREAMS, an international conference for the Environmental Humanities (EH), seeks to offer a space in which the experimental and dynamic field of EH can meet, discuss and set out future directions for thinking and acting amidst the ongoing ecological disaster.

The next upcoming event is Streaming STREAMS, 5–7 August 2020, where several presentations are streamed live.

Welcome to join the entire Streaming Streams, with conversations and trailers, and The Posthumanities Hub, submerged at ART LAB GNESTA,6 August 14:00-15:00

The conference STREAMS will be held in Stockholm, 3–7 August 2021.

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InterGender course “Queer Death Studies – Analyzing and Resisting Necropower”

QUEER DEATH STUDIES: Check out this PhD/advanced MA course to be held online in December!

Queer Death Studies Network

NEWS via InterGender, Consortium and Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies
For this course PhD students, but also Master’s students are eligible to apply.
Title of the Course:
Queer Death Studies – Analyzing and Resisting Necropower
The recommended accreditation is: 7,5 + 7,5 credits
December 8, 2020
Deadline for applications:
September 20, 2020
Applications should be sent to:
InterGender Consortium Coordinator Edyta Just (edyta.just[at]liu.se)
Maximum number of participants:
20 participants
Organized by:
InterGender, Consortium and Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies
and Linköping University, Sweden
Course coordinator:
InterGender Consortium Coordinator Edyta Just (edyta.just[at]liu.se)
Professor Em Nina Lykke, Linköping University, Sweden
Senior lecturer Tara Mehrabi, Karlstad University, Sweden
Postdoc Marietta Radomska, Linköping University, Sweden
* Course description:
The course gives an introduction to the emerging field of Queer Death Studies, its critiques of necropowers…

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Seminar “Queer Death Studies: Searching Points of Exit from Hegemonic Narratives” with Professor Margrit Schildrick and Dr. Marietta Radomska (at University of Jyväskylä, FI)

Margrit Shildrick and I will be speaking at the University of Jyväskylä on 28th May! Join us there! The event is organised by Disgust Network and Crises Redefined Project.

Queer Death Studies Network

qds seminar jyväskylä

Welcome to the seminar “Queer Death Studies: Searching Points of Exit from Hegemonic Narratives” with Professor Margrit Schildrick and Dr. Marietta Radomska.

The seminar, held on the 28 of May (D 109) at 13-16, is organised by the Disgust Network in collaboration with Crises Redefined: Historical Continuity and Societal Change. Further details below.

Seminar “Queer Death Studies: Searching Points of Exit from Hegemonic Narratives”

Queer Death Studies Network, established in 2016, constitutes a space for researchers, students, artists, activists, and other practitioners who critically and (self) reflexively investigate and challenge conventional normativities, assumptions, expectations, and regimes of truths that are brought to life and made evident by death, dying, and mourning.

The conventional engagements with the questions of death, dying and mourning are insufficient and reductive: they are often governed by the normative notions of the subject; interhuman and human/nonhuman bonds; family relations and communities; rituals; and finally, experiences of…

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The First International Queer Death Studies Conference: CfP is out now!

CfP for The First International Queer Death Studies Conference: “Death Matters, Queer(ing) Mourning, Attuning to Transitionings” is out NOW! Check it out!

Queer Death Studies Network

The First International Queer Death Studies Conference: “Death Matters, Queer(ing) Mourning, Attuning to Transitionings”, organised with the support from Karlstad University and Linköping University, takes place on 4-5 November 2019 in Karlstad, Sweden.

The CfP has just been announced and you may check it out here.

Deadline for abstracts: 30 June 2019.

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The Posthumanities Hub Seminar with Dr. Marietta Radomska at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (22nd January)

I’ll be speaking at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm on deterritorialising death, queer(ing) methodologies and art on 22nd January at 10:15. Hope to see you there !

The Posthumanities Hub

Welcome to The Posthumanities Hub seminar with Dr. Marietta Radomska on Deterritorialising Death: Queer(ing) Methodology and Contemporary Art, which takes place on 22 January (Tuesday) at 10:15 – 12:00 in the seminar room at Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment KTH, Teknikringen 74 D, Stockholm.

Deterritorialising Death: Queer(ing) Methodology and Contemporary Art


This paper stems from a project that asks what happens when contemporary art – in a dialogue with feminist materialist philosophies – is mobilised in order to challenge conventional (i.e. anchored in the Western tradition of the autonomous (exclusively) human subject) understandings of death, and assess multiple vulnerabilities and power differentials that form part of the materialisations of ecologies of death in the context of the Anthropocene.

In other words, the project examines how contemporary art read through the lens of feminist materialist philosophies (e.g. Colebrook, MacCormack, Grosz) may – and do – queer

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Bioart Society: SOLU Space Opening

I have a privilege to give a talk at the official opening of the Bioart Society SOLU Space on 9th & 10th November. If you are in Helsinki, join us for this wonderful event!!!

The Posthumanities Hub

[Repost from Bioart Society]

SOLU_Space_merged_new source: Bioart Society https://bioartsociety.fi/posts/solu-space-opening

SOLU Space opening

Dear friends and colleagues,

In spring we commemorated together the 10th anniversary of Bioart Society. It is now again time to celebrate big time and with great pleasure, we invite you to the opening of our new SOLU Space. The new SOLU Space is a major component of an ongoing transformation from Bioart Society to SOLU – an artistic laboratory and platform for art, science and society. Please join us on Nov. 9th and 10th at Luotsikatu 13 in Katajanokka to celebrate and reminisce the past successful years and to toast to the coming ones!

Friday 9th of November 15:00h

We start with brief opening speeches by Mari Keski Korsu (Bioart Society), Antti Tenetz (TAIKE), Anna Talasniemi (Kone Foundation), Atte Korhola (HY) and a toast to the new SOLU Space with sparkling. After that we continue with…

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CHRISTINA RESEARCH SEMINARS at the University of Helsinki

I am giving a talk “On Bioart, the Non/Living and Promises of Monstrous Futures” at CHRISTINA RESEARCH SEMINAR series at the University of Helsinki: on 23rd October at 16:00 – 18:00. Hope to see you there! 🙂

The Posthumanities Hub

In case you are in/not far from Helsinki, FI, (some of) CHRISTINA RESEARCH SEMINAR talks might be of your interest:

These lectures at University of Helsinki are open to everyone and attendance is free – see the interesting programme of CHRISTINA RESEARCH SEMINAR!

Time: Every other Tuesday at 16-18.
Place: Lecture hall C120, Unioninkatu 38 (Topelia)


9.10. Prof. Suvi Keskinen (University of Helsinki, Swedish School of Social Sciences, The Center for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN)
”’Crisis’ of White hegemony, Neonationalist Femininities and Antiracist Feminism”

23.10 Dr. Marietta Radomska (University of Linköping and visiting researcher in Art History at University of Helsinki )
“On Bioart, the Non/Living and Promises of Monstrous Futures”

6.11. Prof. Swati Parashar (Senior lecturer, Institute of Global studies, University of GothenburgSweden)
“Postcolonial Anxiety and the Crisis of Masculinity: The Rise of Right Wing Hindutva Movement in India”


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